Life Lessons We Can
Learn from Butterflies

by Lanise Jacoby

  • We all need air, water, food, and shelter.
  • You should never judge a butterfly by its chrysalis – the beauty inside all of us is far greater than our beauty on the outside.
  • We come in many colors – all of them beautiful!
  • We all come in different sizes.
  • Even if you’re challenged you can soar (we had a butterfly with three wings fly off, to our delight!).
  • We don’t all develop at the same rate. It may take you a little longer to get there, but you can still reach the same great heights!
  • Nature has a grand plan – we need to respect it. Butterflies lay their eggs on what are considered to be weeds. The caterpillars will eat the weeds, keeping them from getting out of control. No weeds – NO butterflies!
  • It’s important to take time to smell the flowers – it could just be the nectar of your life!

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