UK national newspapers are united in praise of Bowie

He didn’t just create a huge body of music, didn’t just release a bunch of singles and albums which influenced people at formative stages of their lives.

“He also influenced how they looked, what they read and how they lived their lives.” Dylan Jones

The life lessons the iconic artist taught us


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‘Life on Mars?’


David Bowie and me:  David Bowie has died, aged 69. In 2013, we spoke to some of the people whose careers have been tied up with his. Here are their tales … (SOURCE: theguardian.com)


















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In this BBC Newsnight interview from 1999 David Bowie talks to Jeremy Paxman about going to meet Tony Blair in stilettos, his alter egos – and makes some incredibly accurate predictions about the potential of the internet.

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Bowie was an expert manipulator of media – be it music, art or video. It was inevitable that he would spot the potential of the internet, not just as a mass marketing technology but as a new way to make, share and expand upon his work. Later, the digital era would make heroes of businessmen like Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs, but Bowie was early in understanding that this brave new world would distort the traditional barriers between art, celebrity and commerce.

In a wide-ranging interview with professional griller Jeremy Paxman, Bowie eloquently praises the nascent technology. “It carries the flag of being subversive and possibly rebellious and chaotic and nihilistic,”

“What is it specifically about the Internet?” Paxman asks in return. “I mean anybody can say anything and it all adds up to what?”

“I don’t think we’ve even seen the tip of the iceberg,” Bowie says. “I think the potential of what the Internet is going to do to society both good and bad is unimaginable. I think we’re on the cusp of something exhilarating and terrifying.”

“It’s just a tool though isn’t it?” Paxman responses. “No it’s not, it’s an alien life form,” Bowie responds with a husky laugh. “Is there life on Mars? Yes, it’s just landed here.”

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He experimented on different types of music



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