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A father filmed his daughter every week, from birth until she turned 12 years old in this time lapse

The same father filmed his son every week, from birth up until he turned 9 years old

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And listen to this, this one little girl’s childhood flashing before her father’s eyes. Sound familiar to you parents? This is what’s trending today, not exactly what you are thinking. In little more than two minutes you watch this little girl, her name is Latte, grow up from birth to 12 years of age. Check it out.

I love the story. People have clicked on her video now more than 2 million times. I know. I am thinking if you are a parent you are thinking I wish I had done that. My question is how hard was it to get her to sit still for when she was itty-bitty to 12?

The reason was because I saw a change from two weeks, two days old and two weeks old, and I thought, well, I have to remember what she looked like. Then I filmed her again a couple of days later and a week later and then I started developing this rhythm of every week, every week, every week.
It was important to keep my memory intact, of how she looked like and how she changed over time because every moment in a child’s life I think is special for parents.

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