They come everymorning to read The Daily Talk. Yes, they must come and stand close to read every word. Nothing to buy. Nothing to download. No paper. No ink. No screen.


Alfred Sirleaf, the Liberian capital Monrovia resident, has been publishing his own “offline blog» «Daily Talk» for 12 years. “Blog” is a common board on the side of the road as the “blogger” daily writes with chalk major news from newspapers and information gathered by reporters, volunteers. In 2000, at the height of the Civil War, Alfred realized that society needs truthful information, because many residents even to this day can not afford electricity, and even newspapers. For criticism of former Liberian President Charles Taylor, Alfred even went to jail. Every day hundreds of people in the capital go to read news on the board, and the number of unique visitors to «Daily Talk» more than 10 000 people. The columnist for illiterate readers duplicate the most important news, using pictures and symbols. This project does not bring profit to its creator and is supported by donations. At least in the lower right corner, and there is space for advertising, unfortunately, always remains unclaimed. READ ARTICLE (SOURCE: