Students can either write about their positive personality characteristics or describe things they like doing!

Micrographic Thumbprints by Hannah (Art. Paper. Scissors. Glue!)

– White Drawing Paper
– Tracing Paper
– Pencils
– Erasers
– Extra Fine Point Sharpie
– Skinny Markers (optional)
– Ink for Thumbprints

1. Take thumbprint from each student. Scan, enlarge and print for each student.

Your print out will most likely be a little pixelated. Ask students to trace over the major lines and the general direction of the pattern of their thumbprint.

2. Using either a light box or window,  trace those lines onto tracing paper.

3. Now trace that onto “good paper.” I know it seems a little repetitive, but it would be too hard to trace the major lines from the printout right onto good paper because of the other distracting pixels.

4. Either on or around the lines, fill in with words. I had the students write down a list of 40 positive characteristics about themselves to use as a reference. They also had the option of writing out a description about themselves.

5. Trace over words with sharpie or markers.

Positive Personality Adjectives List (SOURCE:

Negative Personality Adjectives List  (SOURCE:

Character and Personality Adjectives (SOURCE:

Character and Personality Adjectives (SOURCE: