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The places we live is a photo documentation and exhibition by Jonas Bendiksen about life in slums all over the world. this is an adorable and dedicated project full of captivating stories. POSTED by

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“For the first time in history, 2008 saw the total number of city dwellers surpass those that live in the country. Unfortunately for millions, the experience of living in a city is one of extreme hardship and poverty.

Magnum-Photos: The Places We Live (SOURCE:

The Places We Live is the latest book by Jonas Bendiksen, a Norwegian photographer represented by Magnum Photos. Based on a project started by Jonas back in 2005 documenting the urban poverty and slums in Caracas, Jakarta, Nairobi and Dharivi, Bendiksen’s incredible photographs are accompanied by a startling social investigation produced in colaboration with the Nobel Peace Centre in Oslo. The project was the subject of an exhibition at the centre, that included video installations that connect the viewer with families that live in these cities, challenging viewers to reflect on what it means to live in a city in the 21st century. Bendiksen depicts various aspects of slum life, from worst-offs to slum chiefs and although the physical exhibit ended last month, you can still view the project at the multimedia website below.” POSTED by

Escalier a l’entrée de la Favela Morro da Providencia, Rio – Bresil – JR Art – Photographe

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