If you were not born in the country you were, what would your life be like?

Freeganism: ‘ Rubbish for Lunch’

Micah Albert, USA, Redux Images, 1st Prize Contemporary Issues Single. Taken on 03 April 2012 in Nairobi, Kenya. Pausing in the rain, a woman working as a trash picker at the 30-acre dump, which literally spills into households of one million people living in nearby slums, wishes she had more time to look at the books she comes across. She even likes the industrial parts catalogs. “It gives me something else to do in the day besides picking [trash],” she said.

Photo of the Week-1st Prize Contemporary Issues Single

For thousands of people this is the size of their home -click to enlarge (SOURCE: osocio.org)

Ad of the Week: For thousands of people this is the size of their home

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Ad of The Week: When domestic helpers themselves need help


Photo of the Week: Standing for food (Atanu Basu)

Water seller in a Luanda, Angola slum.PhotographeræThomas Havisham 05/2005A woman sells a bag of drinking water taken from a local well. She will sell it forthe equivalent of 10 cents in a small musseque market in Luanda. Settlements called musseques house the urban poor in Luanda and other large towns. They became crowded with hundreds of thousands of refugees during the 1980s and Õ90s. Their residents have to buy water in small quantities because the musseques lack basic infrastructure including running water and sewerage.from Panos

Photos of the Week: Water is Life

COMPARING: North Vs South (SOURCE:absolutenglish-972.pagesperso-orange.fr)

COMPARING: North Vs South


Commercial: Labels are for jars

The places we live (SOURCE: spyline.de)

Urban migration:The Places we live by Jonas Bendiksen