Wire Eye by Sophie Ryder (SOURCE: inspirationgreen.com)

Wire Feet by Sophie Ryder (SOURCE: inspirationgreen.com)

Wire Feet by Sophie Ryder (SOURCE: inspirationgreen.com)

Sophie Ryder (VISIT SITE)

Inventor of Wire Sculpture
Sophie Ryder studied at the Royal Academy Schools and has been making sculptures in wire and bronze for over thirty years. Many of these works are monumental in scale and designed for outdoor settings.

The idea of making three-dimensional sculptures from wire was pioneered by Sophie Ryder. She begins with a metal armature, which she covers with wire of different thicknesses. To shape the wire she uses her bare hands and pliers, sometimes aided by a hammer. It is a very physical job and exceedingly tough on the hands.

About her wire sculpture, Sophie Ryder adds: “The monumental wire sculpture fulfill a lot of the criteria, that I aim to achieve with my work. They are huge which I think outdoor sculpture needs to be, yet they have a light airy feel about them. The wire is not dense so the light shines through and when one walks around this gives a feeling of movement which brings the piece to life. The large work is made in many sections so they are relatively easy to move around. There are months of work involved with the scaling up from my maquette and welding sections to bolt together. The trick is to produce a final piece which looks spontaneous so that when it is placed in the landscape it looks like a stroke of a brush on a canvas.” READ MORE (SOURCE: sophieryder.net)