French Roast is an animated short created by Fabrice O. Joubert.


A nice story about generosity , goodwill and everyday life, that features a business man, a homeless man and a tired old lady. The 8 minute film takes place in a French cafe, where a high-class businessman enjoys his day with coffee and a newspaper. Moments later he is approached by a beggar, but rudely pays him no mind. Once the beggar leaves the businessman notices his wallet is missing and immediately purchases more coffee to buy more time. Minutes pass and the beggar is back again, only this time he bothers a little old lady at the next table. She happily yet slowly obliges and gives him a dollar from a questionable stack of cash. Then suddenly out of nowhere the cops arrive; there has been a bank robbery and they stop in to post a picture of the suspect. During this time the little old lady excuses herself to go the restroom, leaving her purse behind, and the anxious businessman finds it the perfect opportunity to lift a little cash from her purse. Only problem is when he reaches into her bag, he pulls out a mask that looks just like the wanted bank robber. The now inebriated detective misfires his gun, causing the beggar (who’s back) to trip, revealing all the cash he’s accumulated through the day while the little old lady returns from the bathroom, grabs her purse and leaves, oblivious to it all. But now its closing time and the waiter wants to get paid. The businessman feigns checking his pockets, only to have the bill covered by the beggar.