“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear” – An old saying.


One interesting and useful way of activating the motivational components in students is the use of a quotation a day in the classroom. What is a quotation and how can it be used then? A quotation is a pithy and profound statement that can be cited by a speaker or a writer to convey his ideas effectively. Jacob M. Braude (1994: 19) comments on quotations thus:
Many people sprinkle their everyday conversation with quotations. These familiar sayings answer a special need of orators and statesmen, who search for quotations with which they drive home a point or sum up their speeches. Often the fruit of many years’ study is brought together into a single sentence, and nothing adorns a composition or speech better than a fitting quotation. It backs up one’s own beliefs. At the same time, it shows that those beliefs have been shared by other minds.

Undoubtedly, quotations have several uses for the language user. It is the responsibility of the language teacher to draw the attention of students to the beauties and benefits of quotations. Clearly then both language and content are important in every quotation, especially for use in the ESL classroom.
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One way to make any texts message or saying more memorable is by making it “eye-catchy”.

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