‘What’s on your mind?’
Is a terrific way to get to know your students & these make an easy and awesome bulletin board too!

What’s On Your Mind Craftivity (SOURCE: .teachwithme.com)



Lesson: What is in Your Head? Who am I Collage?, Submitted by: Jeryl Hollingsworth (SOURCE: incredibleart.org)

‘Submitted by: Jeryl Hollingsworth
Lesson: What is in Your Head? Who am I Collage?

From Jeryl: I got the idea from the NAEA conference – presentation “The Magic of Self-Portraiture” by Lauren Parmelee Murphy. Lauren did a whole group of self portrait ideas. One was to do silhouettes of the students and let them fill in their head with a magazine collage of what is going in their brain.

I traced their heads on black paper (using overhead projector), they cut it out, paper clipped it to white paper, traced the head shape. Then filled in the head shape with magazine images, then glued the negative black outside piece back on. They had a writing assignment to do after they finished…’

Lesson: What’s in your head? Where have you come from , Where are you going? Submitted by: Tammy Willis (SOURCE:incredibleart.org)

‘Submitted by: Tammy Willis
Where have you come from , Where are you going? Lesson: What’s in your head?

From Tammy: I first talked to them about the parts of the brain, how it stores memories, smells, etc. I then ask them if we could look inside your brain what would it tells us, what would we see? What things are stored inside your brain that would help us learn about you? What things do you have planned for your future, where do you want to go?..’SOURCE